About Erica's Waggy Tails, Inc. 

Erica's Waggy Tails, Inc is a 501(c)3 not for profit charity organization.

At Erica's Waggy Tails, Inc. we are driven by a single goal; to rescue and rehabilitate abused, abandoned, and neglected dogs. Erica's Waggy Tails, Inc. was founded by Erica Reimels. Her passion is rescuing dogs in unfortunate situations and rehabilitating them mentally, emotionally, and medically. Her belief is that all dogs, no matter size, shape, breed, have the same feelings. Shelter dogs are not damaged goods. A mixed breed can love you just the same. They all hurt the same, they all feel the same fear, loneliness, sadness, and pain. We are here to be the ones who understand the misunderstood. To be the gentle hand for the abused and neglected. To give these voiceless dogs a voice, and a second chance at living a life full of love and happiness. No dog should die because of lack of space in a shelter. No dog should die because no one loved them or cared for them. No dog should die because someone did not properly train them. No dog should die because the owners could not or did not want to care for them anymore, so they kicked them out on the street to fend for themselves.

We are here to help them. We are here to have the patience and understanding that it takes to rehabilitate a terrified, abused, neglected dog. We are here to rehab and give new life to dogs from traumatic experiences.

Erica's main mission is to rescue and rehab scared and feral small dogs, chihuahuas, and occasionally pitbull and bully breed mixes depending on space. We do not have any availability for dog aggressive dogs or dogs with aggressive behaviors.

Once a rescue dog is taken in, it is treated medically right away, and then matched with a foster home. Foster homes are a great alternative to living in a facility. This way, dogs learn how to live in a home and family environment. They have one-on-one time to learn how to trust humans, socialize with other pets, learn house training, and basic commands. Once the dog is healthy and has had the time needed to transform into a happy, healthy dog, we begin the search for their forever home. We place dogs using a thorough adoption application and screening process.

We strive to make a positive impact in the lives of Man's Best Friend.

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Erica, Founder, with Storm, a German Shepherd Dog that was hit by a car and wound up in a county kill shelter in SC. Erica raised funds for Storm's medical needs and found him​ a home. This picture was taken several months later, the first time they met.