Below, you will find some questions that are commonly asked relating

to adoption, fostering, and our processes.

If the FAQ does not answer your question(s), please email us and we will respond as soon as possible.

Do you have a facility?

No, there is no rescue facility, building, shelter, or physical

address. Erica's Waggy Tails, Inc. is a foster-based rescue. Each dog

is located with a different foster family, foster homes are through out South Carolina.

What is the adoption fee?

The typical adoption fee is $235 unless otherwise specified. The most

an adoption fee will ever be is $350 if extensive vet care was done on

the dog such as heartworm treatment, surgery, or an emergency. The adoption fee is only a very

small fraction of what is typically spent on each dog. We would not be

able to continue saving dogs without the adoption fee.

Adoption fees will be non-refundable. There is no trial period that

exempts you from this. We put in hours of work and tons of money into

these animals and the adoption process. If you are returning your

animal even after 24 hours, you have just donated $235 to our rescue.

So please make sure you are ready to put the time and energy into your

new pet. They are going to need time and patience to adjust to a new

home. If after the one week trial is up, and you need to rehome your dog, if we cannot take the dog back, I will try to help find another reputable rescue that can.

All dogs are available for adoption unless and until a $150 non refundable hold deposit is given. This non refundable fee goes towards the adoption fee.

How do I apply to adopt?


How do I apply to foster?


What's the adoption process?

Once the application is approved, there's a home

Check, then a meet and greet with all family members and all current pets. From there, you're welcome to start a 1-week home trial to

see if it's the right match before making the adoption final. The

trial begins on the same day as the meet and greet unless you decide

not to go forward with the adoption process. The adoption fee and

signed adoption contracts are due before the start of the home trial.

If you decide not to adopt, the adoption fee is non-refundable (unless an exception has been made).

What do you know about the dog’s background?

We usually don't know anything at all about a dogs background. Most

times, they were either a stray or an owner surrender, or seized by animal control because of neglect/abuse. That is all we


Can you tell me more about fostering?

Fostering is free for you, everything is provided (if available),

including a crate, blankets, bowls, toys. Food, heartworm preventative

and flea and tick preventatives are always provided. You may choose to

buy their food as a donation. You must be able to bring your foster dog to vet appointments, transport your foster dog to and from appointments safely in an appropriate sized crate in your vehicle, and you may be required to help bring dogs to meet and greets.

I want to foster a dog, is the dog house-broke/"potty trained"?

We pull dogs from shelters that are on death row, we cannot tell you

if the dog is house broken or trained yet, because we don't know! We

usually don't know much about the dog until after it is in foster care

and we learn more about the dogs personality and if the dog knows any

basic training. It is recommended not to expect these things. Most

times, all we can ask of the shelter is to tempermant test the dog and

make sure it is healthy. Even once a dog is house trained in a foster home, you must still expect accidents from the dog in a new environment during a meet and greet and home trial.

Can I come meet the dog that I want to adopt?

Before setting up a meet and greet, an adoption

application must already be filled out and approved. You must be very

serious about adopting if you are going to set up a meet and greet.

What is the best way to reach someone?

By email at [email protected] This allows for a quick way to

respond and something to go back and look at later if needed. A

facebook comment is not a proper way to communicate as there are too

many notifications and they do not all get checked. All emails, Facebook, and applications are monitored by only one person, so please be patient.

We all work full time jobs and have families and our own pets, so a phone call is also

not the best way of contact.

What vet care does the dog have?

All dogs have an exam, are up to date on vaccinations, up to date on

heartworm preventative and flea and tick preventative, spayed or

neutered, micro-chipped, as well as any other necessary medical needs. Erica will get basic bloodwork done of the budget allows. We normally do not have it in the budget to do dentals so that is something that a new owner may have to get done after adoption. Senior dogs will either have solely a rabies vaccine done to prevent over vaccinating and if the budget allows there may be a titer test done to test immunity in place of vaccinations.

Do you know the dog's birthday?

We do not. The age is an estimate given by a licensed veterinarian.

Where can I donate?

Paypal to [email protected] or use the website donate button,

there is also an option to make it a monthly donation!

I would like to donate an item, what are your needs?

We ALWAYS need food (we feed Diamond Naturals Beef or a higher quality

food), Heartgard, Flea and tick, Medicated shampoos, wet food. We have

an Amazon Wishlist that can be sorted by Priority: